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Participation: Design & Events

I partner with leaders to create and host engaging events. Workshops, summits, conferences, or fundraising endeavors. I also can serve as a neutral convener for organizations, designing public participation events that invite maximum engagement from attendees.

I work at the intersection of education, civil society, government, and the private sector, building capacity necessary for organizations to authentically and sustainably engage across cultural, social, and economic “divides”.

Organizations find more capacity to: 

  • Deepen their practice of cultural responsiveness

  • Maximize benefits through fair and sensitive decisions 

  • Amplify collaboration with communities their decisions touch

  • Shape programs that are more sustainable - from a social lens 

  • Include local insights and expertise traditionally not captured in program and product design


I offer public forum design, communication tools, and resources that enable organizations to bridge cultural and communication gaps, thus maximizing local participation and improving relevance and efficacy. 


My success in this art of deep participation is demonstrated as we: 

  • Reveal common ground

  • Kick-start lasting connections 

  • Witness transformative communication 

  • Leverage mutual social responsibility into action 

  • See communities contribute their resourcefulness to programs

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