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                       Aimee Samara (Krouskop)

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I launched Samara Consulting in 2012, inspired to lend my unique international experiences to areas where they could be best applied to positive social and environmental change.

I've spent 25 years - internationally and based in the US- supporting and creating innovative projects hosted by large corporations, solopreneurs, service professionals, nonprofits, intentional community, education, the United Nations, plus local and state government initiatives. 

I've helped advance outreach and engagement missions by applying my skills in deep listening and clear and organized communications. I've supported the success of public participation endeavors with my experience designing for social change and understanding how to create exceptional team effectiveness. 

In the global south I have evaluated international Fair Trade relationships, supported indigenous and agrarian civil war survivor communities, served as a human rights protector - or "unarmed bodyguard" for civilians in conflict zones, and designed cross-agency collaboration for emergency relief. My worldview acknowledges the wisdom introduced to me by communities at risk during this work - especially the art of what it takes for groups and relationships to thrive across boundaries of geography, privilege and culture. 

I have taught sociology courses for over a decade, applying my formal academic training with a focus on ethnography, human rights, and social change (MA: University of Houston). I am also a graduate of Facilitation Lab's Advanced Facilitation program, have completed a basic practicum in Conflict Resolution and Mediation, and am working on an Advanced Certificate in Cooperation and Conflict Resolution at the International Center for Cooperation and Conflict Resolution, Columbia University. 

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