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Travel Programs

I partner with leaders on the front lines of social and environmental challenges to offer international journeys that revitalize lives and defend the natural world.


How can our travel experiences set new standards for both social and environmental vigilance? 

I offer conscious travelers beyond-the-tourist-path experiences with international education, cross-specialty, and cross-cultural experiences, to learn from communities caring for and protecting their natural home. 

I start with the recognition that human rights and the protection of the natural world are integrally linked. Partners may reside in 'friendly' ​environments, offering ​​cultural exchange experiences, eco-community tourism, or extraordinary projects​ they ​are interested in ​sharing with travelers. ​

Or, partners may reside in challenging ​environmental and socio-political situations where ​communities risk losing home and territory ​or healthy ecosystems. Members of these projects ​will also be interested in receiving travelers ​to witness their experiences​ and offer protective social action as a way for travelers to proactively show support to resilient communities.

Foremost, programs will offer travelers a deepened connection to the natural world, alongside meaningful exchanges with their hosts, and the knowledge and wisdom they hold.

​Reach me for more information on upcoming trips. 

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Peace and Conflict in Jordan:
Peace-building and Conflict Transformation through a Humanitarian Lens

Program on hold
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Bolivia 2018
The Andean Experience of Pachakuti

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