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I offer facilitation as a resource for groups to develop generative and inspiring meetings. Together, we can work on: 

  • Collaboration mapping 

  • Designing for more lasting solutions 

  • Team/community building

  • Strategic planning

  • Group visioning

  • Deepened Innovation

  • Navigating change toward more effective, purposeful work 

The role of a neutral facilitator can be very valuable in strengthening teams and moving visions forward with synergy. I see facilitation as a way of lending guidance of a meeting process without taking the reins.​

I do this by "escorting" teams through the structure and process of group interactions, and defending inclusion so members can express creative responsibility and use their wisdom to make high-quality decisions and agreements.


Ultimately teams experience a synergy that supports greater commitment to goals. 

My practice of facilitation is very adaptive to the needs and culture of an organization, as well as the goals at hand. I believe that for some decisions and some organizations consensus may be an appropriate means of moving forward. For these situations, I value a process that relies on relation-building over the following of format. 


For other situations, I help identify the decision- making agreements organizations would like to implement. In either case, I may escort a group through clear guidelines as they work with facts and data; I may serve with a high level of intervention to help catalyze energy and engagement; or I may bring a lower level of input for more seasoned groups interested in doing the work themselves and relying on the facilitator when needed. 

To me, successful facilitation occurs when: 

  • A group's mission, purpose, strategy and goals are evident and agreed to by all   

  • The contributions and unique talents of group members are drawn out

  • Members develop collaborative solutions, decisions, and plans

  • Members learn from each other, even during disagreement

  • Commitment and passion for the group’s work is amplified 

  • A safe environment is created and creativity flourishes 

  • Members are supported in communicating effectively

  • Group cohesiveness and trust is furthered

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